We Are Financial Advocates

Who Manage All the Financial Aspects of a Divorce

We are a specialty services firm that operates as personal financial representatives for the divorcing party throughout the divorce process.  We are laser focused to protect a divorcing party’s financial rights.  We concretely define financial uncertainty, enabling stakeholders to proceed through the divorce process with a logical thinking framework.  As we partner with the divorcing party’s legal advisor, we operate as if we are going through the divorce ourselves and put our financial expertise, divorce management processes and thinking technology to work for you.

As advocates, we are constantly mindful of your financial risks, financial implications and financial outcomes.  We evaluate the current state, identify emerging issues and determine how to arrive at a closing.  If we perceive a risk or opportunity exists, we analyze it and determine how to optimize the situation. Throughout the process, we synthesize all available information, refine the strategy, evaluate the changing situation and design a path towards a workable solution.  We continuously drive to the next milestone as we architect a desirable financial outcome.

We Operate As Financial Divorce Architects

To Design Your Financial Outcomes

As financial architects we build financial solutions that work. Our expert skills go beyond forensic accounting and business valuations. We are critical thinkers who think at an acute level. We look at structural issues and uncover financial vulnerabilities that create risk after the divorce is finalized.

We evaluate issues with a critical eye and operate within the financial layers of your situation to determine how to build and orchestrate a desirable financial outcome. We help you and your advisors think through financial blind spots before positioning or communicating with the other party. Our financial architecture mitigates financial complexity and provides you financial solidarity.

We Are Also Expert Financial Negotiators

To Help You Negotiate Your Financial Outcomes

We proactively manage your negotiating position to minimize the risk of an undesirable outcome. We provide counterintuitive insight and break through divorce complexities. With an intricate understanding of buyer and seller mindsets, we know when the other party is sharing financial truths. We are also experienced with how to approach conflict, create movement, reposition prior communications, manage stakeholder expectations and bring about closure in sophisticated financial divorces. Our diligent disciplines strengthen the divorce process to reduce the exposure of both the divorcing party and their advisors, too. Our goal is to save you money, make you money, preserve your net worth and close the process as soon as possible, so you can move on to your next chapter.

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